by Gilbert Brenson Lazan 

Founding Partner of Amauta International, LLC


During many moments and situaciones during a lifetime, we all face challenges in our personal or professional development that could benefit from professional help that is experienced, relevant, economical and easily accessed.  In our Cyberconsult you will find an opportunity to develop practical strategies for personal or professional growth with personalized and confidential attention and in a time and frequency that is convenient for you.  All you need is your willingness to take the next step in your personal development  a computer, tablet or smartphone and a good connection to Internet.

I offer you my forty years of experience in psychotherapy, coaching, mentoring, facilitation and organizational consulting, as well as my passion to facilitate the achievement of your personal and professional goals.  You only need a willingness to explore new ways of thinking, feeling and relating to others (as well as payment of our professional fees).  

I invite you experience our Cyberconsult to talk about who you want to be and what you want to achieve in the future and how you can do it.  Together we can co-create just the right strategies for what you want and need.  The first session is an Exploratory Conversation and has no cost to you, other than your time and willingness to share.